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4 Fresh Budget-Friendly Home Updates

It’s a new year, and with the holidays behind us now, most of the decor is put away. Everybody has organization on the brain and I’ve started mentally planning out a few projects I want to tackle over the next few months. Sometimes the itch comes along for something new — a new piece of furniture, a new style, or maybe an entirely new house(!). And frankly, that isn’t the best feeling, is it? It’s easy to let discontentment start to simmer when the Internet and bookstores are full of images of perfect spaces. I completely understand the feeling of being tired or uninspired by your current space and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a fresh outlook! So what’s a budget-conscious girl to do? Time to get creative, my friend.


Colorful Christmas tree; white Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

Rearranging is my favorite way to get an entirely new look without spending a dime. Try your existing furniture in different configurations or in different rooms. In our house, I pulled a vintage wing chair into the dining room as a dramatic head-of-the-table focal point, and I love the visual impact it makes. I especially love the idea of breathing new life into unused corners of your home. Make a library out of your never-used dining room or put a desk in the window of your formal living room.



Time to get ruthless with the junk. No less than four bags full of toys and clothes that no longer fit my kiddos went away to Goodwill before Christmas, but it feels like we might need another little purge again soon. Get two trash bags in hand and ruthlessly purge. Trash goes in one bag and donations go into the other. If you lose momentum before you can get those bags of donations dropped off, check in your community to see if any charities offer donation pick-up services. Busy moms will especially appreciate being able to schedule it online.


Hudson Bay Point blanket - Navy blue bedroom at Carlton Landing - lake house master bedroom -

Want a fresh new spin on your current space without a huge financial investment? Paint is your new BFF. Over the holidays, I painted our lake house’s master bedroom a deep, rich navy blue and it immediately felt like a new room without having to change a single piece of furniture. Paint is inexpensive and simple, plus it’s a great way to test out a trend without committing to new upholstery. Sample a few different colors before choosing a hue; try something moody and dark like a masculine hunter green, or go soft and soothing with a pale blush.


Sometimes it’s fun to see how other people would live in your space. Invite a friend whose style you admire over to have coffee and get a fresh pair of eyeballs on your least favorite room. What would he or she do differently? Maybe there’s a solution lurking that you hadn’t yet thought about. I’ve really enjoyed hearing other creative friends’ perspectives on how they would use a room and there’s usually a new idea to take away.

Happy New Year! Hop over and tell me in the comments what you do to give your space a new look on a budget!

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