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3 DIYs That Promote Growth In the New Year


I switched up my New Year’s game this year and did the opposite of what I usually do. And it was fantastic! I spend a lot of the time focused on the more serious side of self-care and sometimes I simply forget to play. This year I stayed up until 2 am on New Year’s Eve and had a dance party with my family (my 10-year-old daughter was mortified!). I left all of my hefty resolutions from the past at the door. And I actually opened my front door at midnight, pushed 2016 out, and flapped my hands in the air to literally welcome in 2017.

In an effort to spread the new year/new growth love in these first few days of 2017, I want to share three DIYs that promote growth for you to take for a spin on one of these grey days. First up are these adorable swan planters! Customize your swans, plant a tiny green friend within, and then watch it grow as a reminder of your own growth through self-care.

Click through for the swan planter instructions and two more adorable additions for your DIY calendar that are simple, playful and push you towards growth in 2017! –Caitlin

Swan Planters


You need just four things to have a flock of swans on your windowsill! Click here for the full tutorial.


Resolution Calendar


This calendar DIY uses washi tape and recycled magazines (or any paper, really!) to drive home your goals for the new year. The “I made it” and “I see it everyday” aspects make sure your brain gets the message. Thanks Sarah West Ervin for this idea! Get the full instructions here and visit Sarah’s Etsy shop here.


To-Do Magnets


So long coffee-stained loose leaf paper to-do lists! Goodbye my nasty little Post-It that has lost its stick. This self-styled clay magnet takes your to-do list and elevates it to smile-worthy, as opposed to cringe-worthy. Bonus: When the colors no longer make you smile, or motivate you to take a long look, repaint it with new colors!

Full instructions right here.


via Design*Sponge