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2016 World Rankings from A’ Design Award

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2016 World Rankings from A’ Design Award

A’ Design Award and Competition, the international organization that hands out the most prestigious design award competition has revealed their World Design Rankings (WDR).


The United States still leads the 88 represented countries with 396 awards (wow!), followed by Italy, England, Japan, Brazil, China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong and Turkey which took the top positions in 2016. There were also five new countries are included in the 2016 rankings: Montenegro, Malta, Liechtenstein, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

World Rankings Heatmap

World Rankings Heatmap


Check out the World Rankings “Design Business Insights” section for more details about the designs and even find out which country was awarded the best industrial design, or which has the most awards in a particular category. These insights provide a glimpse of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in a particular population. These insights can also be used by policy makers to determine which specific design sectors or industries could need or receive government subsidies or subvention, or where education or exposure might be needed.

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