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10 Young Designers and Creatives to Follow on Instagram

10 Young Designers and Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Recently, I had to sort through several Rubbermaid containers filled with tokens from my childhood. One of the keepers was a small photo album filled with film photos (!) of purses and pillows I had sewn and sold — a portfolio, if you will. Fast forward to the post-college years, when I wanted to showcase my work via the Internet, but creating a website required intimidating black screens and a second language. So I waited.

Today, the gates are wide open to young creatives. With so many portfolio platforms and Instagram, the next generation not only has a platform for showcasing their talent, but they have a world of inspiration at their fingertips. They’re connecting with each other across oceans and creating safe, artistic spaces.

Fittingly, I am writing this roundup on the eve of my birthday, a time to reflect on age, where I’ve been and where I’m headed. Some of these inspirational young ‘grammers take me back to my Alma Mater, some take me back to my early computer classes, some take me straight to Google… because for the life of me, I have no idea who they are referencing or what their slang means.

Though I may not be getting any younger (and certainly not any cooler), I can at least keep one finger on the pulse and try to soak up some of their youthful creativity one like at a time. —Quelcy 

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