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Thrifty Decor Chick Christmas home tour!

OH my goodness! I mentioned the other day that the past couple weeks have been crazy around here -- I'm scratching that and making that the past three weeks. ;) I haven't done a holiday tour on the blog for a while because it's so much work in such a short amount of time, but I have to admit it's pretty awesome to be completely done with everything! 

Usually I'm messing around with the decor till right before Christmas and I think this is the first time ever (at least while blogging) that I'm done so early. Yes, I consider the 9th early. 😂 I'm so stoked to be able to just sit back and enjoy it all now! 

I'm joining in with an incredible group of bloggers to share our Christmas homes with you this week -- I hope you'll check them all out at the bottom of the post today! I am so impressed with their beautiful homes and I know you will be too. 

For now, I'm just going to share the meeeellions of photos I took and won't say much. I'll link to certain projects and rooms under the photos. I have to first say how thankful I am for your kind comments on our stone fireplace I shared earlier this week: 
DIY stacked stone fireplace

If you'd like to see more pics or find out sources for anything, check out that post. I'll be getting to your questions today! 

Now, onto the rest of the house! Well, about half of the house. I am joining in on another tour next week and I'll show you a few more spaces then. For now, enjoy!!
living room decor at Christmas

open concept living room

blue dresser in living room
(Check out more posts about our living room here)

I told you our tree was a beast!! It's a workout to get it decorated but I do love it when it's done! I have big plans for these walls next year...I've been planning this project for years and I'm putting it on my list for 2017!
Christmas living room decorating

I've been leaning towards a combo of red and brown over the years and this time I went all out on the main tree -- only those two colors and I ADORE it. I bought some faux fur and just threw it under the tree as a skirt: 
red and brown Christmas tree
(More on the blue dresser here)

fa la la la la prints in frames

My fa la la pics are a favorite -- I put them up every year. I just printed them out on the computer. :) 
fa la la prints

red truck under glass

I added a few Christmas touches to the office/craft room I finished up a few months ago: 
ribbons on Christmas tree

I grabbed gold ribbon and just tied it on the branches. Pictures don't do it justice -- it's so pretty on the white tree! 
ribbon tree

DIY two sided desk with storage

joy boxwood wreath

The dining room turned library got a few touches -- overall I scaled back yet again this year. The older I get the less stuff I want to put out. I'm on track to get rid of at least one more large storage bin this year. ;) 

I've found the trees and adding greenery and touches of color with ornaments make a room feel plenty festive!
DIY bar cart

beaded chandelier from World Market

fairy lights in jar

Love that bokeh! 💛
DIY built ins

The family room got a ton of greenery on the mantel and a few other fun touches: 
gray fireplace herringbone tile

dollar store tree

Santa hat craft

My Santa hats are still one of my all time favorite crafts!
Christmas vignette with Santa hats

Christmas family room

red and brown Christmas decor

dark gray fireplace

And of course the kitchen...I love decorating this room! I went all out last year but toned it down a bit this year. I think the simple wreaths in the window seat are my favorite:
how to add a window seat to bay window

Love those dainty bows! (I just hot glued them on.)
DIY window seat

DIY wood hood vent

two toned Christmas kitchen

I showed you our favorite new Christmas tradition a couple weeks ago -- the hot chocolate station!

Simple touches of green and red go a long way:
how to extend cabinets to ceiling

open shelving and cabinets in kitchen

large chalkboard wall

It's fun to play with the chalkboard during the holidays!
chalkboard wall in kitchen

window seat in kitchen

This year I hope to do a small holiday tour of our home at night -- I think it's even prettier then!: 
double black doors

Whew!! I hope you enjoyed the tour! I always try to make it worthwhile for all of you, I hope I inspire you in some way. :) If you want more photos throughout the season that I don't share here, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook

If you have questions about anything I didn't link, please let me know! Now check out the rest of the ladies on the tour today and this week! I can't wait to look at all of them with a cup of hot cocoa in hand!

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