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The Best of 2016 at The Jungalow


So here we are friends–at the end of 2016. I hear a lot of people saying the same thing: 2016 was a tough year. For me it was certainly characterized by a lot of ups and downs. Let’s put it this way — it wasn’t at all boring. Here’s a little look back at our most loved blog posts from this tumultuous, emotional, wild year. I look at these posts and I can see the layers– layers of work, time, creativity and heart put into all of these designs from so many people. Each one of these posts is like a stockpile of creative energy and it’s gratifying to see how many thousands of people are sharing in the fun and inspiration.

I love what I do and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel honored and grateful for every visit, every click and every comment. Thank you. Cheers to starting fresh in 2017 and to another opportunity to be creative and a little bit wild, everyday.

#1 post for 2016:


Unexpected color combos

#2 post for 2016:


10 Boho Staples

#3 post for 2016:

Blogging and money matters

#4 post for 2016:


DIY Chevron Bench

#5 post for 2016:


Bathroom reveal

#6 post for 2016:


#7 post for 2016:

On Creativity 


Nomad Collection

#8 post for 2016:


Master Bedroom Reveal

See you next year!




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