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The Beauty of Self-Care: Community Gift Request


Attention everyone! Self-care is even more important during the holidays. Yes, there are a few extra days during which a long nap or two can be taken. And yes, there’s some opportunity to hang out with family and friends to celebrate the holiday. But even with all this opportunity for merry-making and extra time for relaxation, most of us will stress out to some degree. Just don’t.

Take that bath, excuse yourself early, read your book in bed, do whatever it takes to meet your own expectations of the holiday. Spread the love, joy and cheer, but remember to honor you.

In the spirit of giving, and since this column has spurred many conversations and suggestions, I thought it would be wonderful if we all shared a self-care tip in the comments section for others to enjoy over the holiday break. Whether it’s “treat yourself to seconds,” or “take tea alone in the tub,” share one thing that you do for yourself that someone else may not have thought of.

Here’s mine: Take a moment and say to yourself “may I be happy and at ease.”

I can’t wait to read yours.

Happy holidays everyone! –Caitlin


*Pattern above by Jen Lashek of Willowmark Works

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