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Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles

Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles

Striving. It’s a word many an artist and craftsperson uses to describe themselves. Striving to push the boundaries of their work. Striving to amp up their business. Striving for better. Simply put, creators don’t sit still, and we love them for it. This motivation to better oneself doesn’t only apply to business practices though. A brand’s space can always be amplified, too. Just ask Hopie and Lily Stockman. Two years ago we took you inside their company Block Shop Textile’s zippy, pink studio for a behind-the-scenes look at their process, and the space was beautiful. It featured giant windows, colors galore, and a plethora of pattern-filled accents thanks to the shop’s inventory of handmade textiles from India. Point blank, it was one of my favorite interior features in Design*Sponge history. So you can imagine my glee when the women told us they had reimagined the Los Angeles, CA headquarters of their popular brand. I knew it’d be a stunner.

Just as in fashion, the sisters’ scarf, pillow and quilt designs are never the same collection to collection. That being said, this new studio was given a crisp, white look in order to provide a flexible backdrop where new products could be peppered in with ease. Their latest works’ ruddy rusts, browns and the details of their craftsmanship pop more than ever now that they’re set against this neutral palette, There’s also a refreshing approachability to the space. Most of it is decked out in vintage finds and IKEA steals, and we aren’t complaining. The mix is fun and inviting. It doesn’t shout at you or scream for attention. It simply says, “Hi! Welcome to Block Shop. This is us.” Click through to see more of what two years have done for the brand’s flagship. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Laura Dart

via Design*Sponge