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Planning To Plan For 2017

Planning To Plan For 2017

My husband and I have long shared a Google calendar for all kid- and work-related stuff. (Some days, it’s the only way we communicate!) But for 2017, I’m also planning to work out of an actual hold-in-my-hands, write-in-with-a-good-pen planner. I used to always keep one in college and in the early days of motherhood—in a time long ago before my hand was physically attached to my iPhone. I miss the feeling of checking off my to-do list and especially being able to look back at what my life was like during that year. (Turns out I wasn’t as busy or as stressed in 1996 as I thought I was. . . ) It’s the closest I’ll come to keeping a journal.

For the coming year, I’m using one of Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners. I have long admired them and am pretty darn excited about those tabs, fun quotes, an inside pocket for extra stuff and a really pretty cover.


By the way, if you decide to order this as a gift, it comes in a really pretty box and is monogrammable. (You have to order by tomorrow, 12/9, for Christmas delivery!)



Have you all seen the pictures of people who doodle in their planners? I’m not sure mine will be quite this creative, but I do like the idea of jotting down places we went, funny things the kids said that day or a Bible verse.

This one is more of a journal but is a fun blog with lots of examples.


And, a few more pretty planners (pocket and full-size) that I found in my search. Cheers to an organized 2017! (Or at least to good intentions. . . )

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