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Personalize Your Holiday Gift Wrap 10 Ways

Skip the expensive rolls of wrapping paper this year. We found some awesome DIY ways to personalize your gift wrap, boxes, and bags. How many will you try?

1. Glitter Gift Box

Wrapping isn’t easy for everyone. Sometimes a nice gift box is a better option for those of us who aren’t wrapping-inclined. Distract from the lack of paper with a glittery gift box — tutorial courtesy of For the Makers. To assemble, use your favorite color of holiday glitter (or a combination), kraft paper boxes, and glue. Finish off your box with twine and a coordinating gift tag; a sprig of pine polishes the look!

Image Via: Style Caster

2. Chalkboard Wrap and Instagram Tags

Black kraft paper and white paint pens give the effect of chalkboard mesasges. Bonnie from Going Home to Roost made a collection of sample “chalk” doodles you can print and try on your own chalkboard-esque packages. She’ll also let you download her photos to make Instagram-inspired gift tags. Just print on sticker paper, and you’re ready to go!

Image Via: Going Home to Roost

3. Glitter Wrapping Paper

Sarah Dorsey contributed this idea to C.R.A.F.T.S. Following her step-by-step tutorial, you’ll use painters tape, adhesive spray, glitter, glue dots, and pom-pom yarn to master this gift wrap. Feel free to add a layer of decoupage medium or acrylic finishing spray to hold the glitter down!

Image Via: C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Really Awesome Fun Things)

4. Confetti Gift Bags

Stop buying expensive, decorative bags. This simple project is perfect for small presents, hostess gifts, and cookie-exchange treats. On plain white paper bags, apply a thick stripe of decoupage medium across the middle — like blogger Shannon did here — or create a favorite pattern or shape. Sprinkle on confetti, and let dry. Apply a second coat of decoupage, and let that dry, too. Your confetti gift bag is now ready for use!

Image Via: Mod Podge Rocks

5. Marbled Gift Wrap

Love marble crafts and decor? Here’s a new one for you: Marbleize your wrapping paper! Pick a few colors of nail polish (designer Kathryn suggests the cheaper the better), white kraft paper, water, a large container, plastic gloves, a coffee stirrer, and gift wrapping essentials like scissors, tape, and ribbon. Pour, dip, dry, and wrap!

Image Via: Ruffled

6. Chic, Simple Style

Almost Makes Perfect creator Molly brings us four different looks to personalize your gift-wrap style. If you plan to go simple and chic, these looks are for you. Choose one design and paint the entire roll of wrapping paper at once, or wrap each of your gifts individually, then paint, label, and twine with your own unique touch. See Molly’s tutorials here.

Image Via: Almost Makes Perfect

7. Santa Pillow Box

Pillow boxes are perfect for small office presents, such as candy, treats, and gift cards, and for family gifts, like stocking stuffers, jewelry, or makeup. Whatever you’re gifting, it’s always better to use a stylish gift box. Rachel has a great downloadable pattern for your pillow boxes this year; give everyone the gift of Santa along with your present.


Image Via: Let’s Wrap Stuff

8. Holiday Stitches

Jazz up basic wrapping paper with embroidery floss. Laura, creator of Made Peachy, shows us how to add cute detail to photopaper gift wrap. Using tracing paper, black-and-white photos, her templates, and an embroidery needle,and thread, you can give a reindeer a scarf, a polar bear a bowtie, or a penguin a snowy background. See her tutorial here.

Image Via: Made Peachy

9. Map Wrap

In the age of digital media, paper maps and atlas’ have less purpose. Although some are special mementos or keepsakes, an atlas book from 1998 probably doesn’t hold too many near and dear memories. But don’t let these old books and maps gather dust! Use them as unconventional wrapping paper. Friends and family will love the unique touch added to their gifts. Check it out here! Plus Elsie and Emma will show you how to DIY a pipe-cleaner bow.

Image Via: A Beautiful Mess

10. DIY Gift Bag

Don’t bother with store-bought decorative gift bags. Make your own with leftover wrapping paper, kraft paper, or even an envelope! Ebony Bizys, the mind behind Hello Sandwich, shows you how to fold and tape your way to a personalized gift bag. See her tutorial here!

Image Via: Hello Sandwich

With even just one of these DIY gift wrap ideas, you’ll be sure to impress your loved ones this holiday season. The best part? You can change up the colors and patterns as you please to use for gifting thoughout the year! Happy birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and, of course, merry Christmas!

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