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In Arizona, a Couple Turns a Small House into Their Dream House

In Arizona, a Couple Turns a Small House into Their Dream House

In recent years, I’ve often come across “the small house movement.” Essentially, it’s the idea of downsizing your living space to less than 1,000 square feet in return for increased self-sufficiency, reduced carbon footprint and lower costs. I was intrigued, but I hadn’t come across anyone who had personally taken on that lifestyle. When I found out that Chelsea and Scott Goodson, a creative couple based just outside of Phoenix, AZ, had recently moved into their new “small house,” I couldn’t wait to hear their story.

When Chelsea, an influencer marketing expert and blogger at, and Scott, a real estate analyst and owner of home decor business Citizen Home Decor, began looking for a place they could call their own, they too found the idea of trading square footage for coziness, efficiency and convenience appealing. They began researching different options, from tiny houses of no more than 399 square feet, to homes over 800 square feet. Eventually, the couple ended up choosing a barebones 650-square-foot prefab house that they could customize to their own liking.

After taking the plunge into home ownership, it was time to choose where the couple wanted to live. Although their home is technically mobile, they still needed a home base, a spot where the house could be delivered. Passionate about their local community and wanting to stay close to their families, Chelsea and Scott jumped at the opportunity to live on a portion of their family’s 10-acre property in a quiet area of Chandler, AZ. “We’re super close to our city’s downtown area that has the best coffee shop, restaurants and community events. We truly couldn’t have picked a more perfect area for us!” Chelsea shares.

From start to finish, Chelsea and Scott’s house took eight weeks to build. In order to make their house feel bright and more open-plan, the couple made some structural changes at the drawing stage, like moving windows around and getting rid of a half-wall. When the house was delivered, it was a complete blank canvas. “Scott started by installing engineered hardwood flooring throughout the house, and then we moved on to installing our appliances and lighting,” Chelsea recalls. One month after the house was delivered, Chelsea and Scott moved in. The following months were spent rearranging furniture, hanging pictures and making each room feel like their own. By decorating with plenty of white and choosing mid-century style pieces that appear lightweight, the couple has made their small house feel bright, spacious and beautifully thought-out. Click through to see how Chelsea and Scott have turned this small house into their dream house! –Sofia

Photography by Rennai Hoefer from Ten 22 Studio

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