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Holidays Videos with eBay

A month ago, I flew to Victoria BC with Jojotastic and Pizzazzerie to create a series of holiday videos with eBay. It was really fun to get in front of a camera for a change. The whole team were really great to work with. It all happened so fast, too.

So for my storyline, it was about finding a thoughtful gift for me best friend, Han. We went back and forth about what gift to get and we settled on a mirrorless camera to help her get back into art and photography. On the day of the shoot, I seriously thought it was just about me talking about how I met my best friend and why I got her the gift. And then halfway through the video, Han darts into the room and ends up surprising me! I seriously had no idea. It was one of the best surprises that has ever happened to me. Watch and see how nervous I was in the beginning and for the surprise! 

We also created a holiday gift exchange with the girls and that was a fun one to shoot. Watch what I got for Joanna!