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~holiday home tour for ALE~

Thank you to everyone who came out to tour the 5 homes supporting the Assistance League of the Eastside on Friday. I hope you aren't sick of me talking about it, but I just wanted to share a few more photos. Photos were not allowed on the tour and I have people emailing me for some, and since I was allowed to take the, I thought I'd share.
These are all from our home we decorated, which was house number 2 on the stop.

The entryway:
There was this huge gorgeous floral arrangement in the entry. It was made the day before the show, but unfortunately the lilies combined with stagnant water had everyone asking if the homeowners owned cats..... yikes, you win some, you lose some.
Nonetheless, it was beautiful.

In such a grand space, you need a large tree. This one is about 11 feet. 
Decorated simply in white lights with touches of silver and gold and even a little barnwood ornaments. The garland continued up to the second story mezzanine. 

 You are probably sick of seeing the dining room {look a few posts back}
but we had so much fun designing it. A lot of people were curious about the wrapping paper of all things.
It is all from The Container Store and Paper Source.
The bottom package has a strip of my Schumacher wallpaper going down the center.

I liked this shot of our sideboard
{even though I took it with my phone}
just because of the way the accidental glass placement happened under that painting!

Moving along and heading to the kitchen/breakfast room, you pass this darling hand made pallet tree.
A reader asked me for this shot, so here you go!
I took this picture before beautiful glassy baby candle holders were added and that hurricane candle holder was swapped out with a more rustic one.

The breakfast room was tweaked a bit after I took these photos, so if you went on the tour you'll see the changes that were made.
A lot of creams and whites were used here and it looked very bright and fresh.

 In the end, this deer was swapped out for a big standing Santa Claus in a white cloak.

I love the jeweled champagne flutes.

 The wine bar off the kitchen was topped with fun little champagne accents and gorgeous linens from Crown Linens.

 Those are all the photos I got as we were so busy decorating ourselves!
This was by far my favorite home on the tour, but I might be a little biased.
House number 5 was a close second. 
Anyone who went, comment with your favorite house!

Oh, and because I am such a rebel, I did sneak 2 photos of house number 5.
There was 2 things that really caught my eye.
These noir chairs in the entry, as well as those pillows, {anyone have info on the pillows?}
 and this Thibaut wallpaper in their laundry room!

 Have a happy Monday!

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