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DIY snowy holiday candles (from the dollar store!)

Hey there all! Again, thank you so much for your kind comments on our fireplace makeover and Christmas home tour I shared last week! I have a fun and easy little holiday craft for you today. 😊These are nothing new but I've always wanted to try making them. 

I gathered some votive holders from the dollar store -- they're actually a great, big size: 
dollar store candles

I used mod podge and brushed it on -- I'm guessing you could use Elmer's glue too! You just want something that will dry clear: 
making epsom salt candles

Then I poured Epsom salts into a plate and just dabbed the votive into a pile of it: 
How to make epsom salt candles

This is the brand we use (we already have it for soaks in the bath after work outs) and that price (linked) is the best I've found!: 
Epsom salt candles for Christmas
I used my glitter tray and knocked the excess off -- this tray is great because you can save the leftover glitter (or salts!) and put them back on the next item: 
glitter tray Martha Stewart

Speaking of glitter -- a few shakes of that in the Epsom salts pile would be beautiful too! 

They are cute and snowy just like this -- but they really shine (literally!) when you put a candle inside!: 
Epsom salt snow candles

This is such an easy and quick project and they are SO pretty all lit up! Pictures don't do them justice:
DIY snowy candle craft

You can amp this up even more though -- I think this is a lovely idea for a holiday party and I plan to use this for a big one we have in a couple weeks. 

Grab some cranberries and floating candles
Christmas candle ideas

You can keep cranberries (for this purpose) forever! Fill your votives with water and cranberries and place a floating candle inside: 
Epsom salt candle project

DIY Epsom salt candles

They are so festive and pretty! Perfect for a holiday table setting or on a buffet: 
cranberry candles for the holidays

I love the red with the snowy texture -- and of course you can't go wrong with candles this time of year: 
cranberry epsom salt candles
You can refreeze the cranberries since you're not eating them. 

Have you tried making these pretties? I made five and for $5 because I had everything else I needed. You could easily reuse food jars for this project too!
DIY snowy candle craft

I made them all in about 20 minutes. Quick, easy and cheap -- my favorite kind of decor! I don't know if they will store well -- I imagine I will probably have to touch up the salt from year to year but I'm fine with that. 

If you've made these feel free to share them in the comments! I'd love to see different versions. 

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