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December Randomness, Inexpensive Gifts and Recipes

How are your holidays shaping up?  

Since we are going to San Diego for Christmas, 
our holiday decorations here in SF are mostly on our mantel.  
But, we picked up my sister's tree before we left after Thanksgiving.
Here's Howard and my sister, Teresa,
with the big tree standing in the back.

 I set the table with fresh fruit for Thanksgiving, 
but it works for Christmas, too.
The branches were from the garden.
We gave everyone pomegranates to take home.
Speaking of which...have 

I did some internet shopping to take advantage 
of the deals out there...
and I'm glad I did as the sales don't seem 
to be as great today and there isn't a lot of stock at some places   
Are you finding that, too?

Here is a great, inexpensive game/gift for the whole family...
Rummikub.   If you like board games, you will love this.
Bloody Mary's are optional but act as a secret weapon against opponents.

Some of my favorite pets are getting their own stocking.

This makes a great gift...especially if you have a faux tree...or even if you don't!

Anthropologie has some pretty calendars 
(hint:  I like any of these).

Garden Calendar                                                      map desk calendar

On Friday, I was at a new client's home to help plan her beverage center, and couldn't stop myself from shopping her house for this space before I left.

We gave our son, Thomas, a crockpot for his birthday.
This morning, I sent him 
that gives you enough for leftovers!
It's delicious.
You could serve it by itself or on top of pappardelle pasta and later as a sandwich.

He's making it today.  Wish we lived closer to him!

Have a great week!

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