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Come On In. Get Under My Table.

Come On In. Get Under My Table.

I love having our friends over, but I especially love it during Christmas. I heard about someone who had every person that came for dinner to sign their table as a kind of “guest book” over the years. I started copying it immediately. What a fun way to remember friends and good times.

I knew when I found our farmhouse table (on Craigslist) that it would be a piece we’d have forever. And one day, when its underside is filled with autographs of people we love, I’m convinced it’ll be a family heirloom for all five kids to fight over when I’m dead and gone. Joy! :)

Is it awkward to ask company to get on the floor under the table? Maybe, but I haven’t had anyone refuse me yet. . .

If you start this tradition, too, just don’t forget to read the messages. One friend announced her pregnancy on our table, and I didn’t look at her note after they left. After she told everybody else weeks later, she told me we were actually the first to know. ;)



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