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Building a Dream House: 12 Creative Holiday Card Displays

I love getting holiday cards each year. Not only do I enjoy getting updates from friends and family both near and far and seeing how much everyone has grown up, but I also love feeling the gorgeous paper and oohing and aahing over the beautiful designs. I swear they get more and more amazing every year! But there’s one thing that I think universally stumps people, and that’s finding a fun, festive, attractive way to display holiday cards. My mom always taped our cards up on the pantry door when I was growing up, and we’ve continued that tradition in our family. I love figuring out how to arrange the cards so that they all fit on one door, and I actually leave them up all year as a sort of art installation/conversation piece. We love looking at the photos of our loved ones as we pass by during our daily routines, and visitors think it’s fun to see who they know on the door. Puzzled as to how you can creatively display all those holiday cards you’re receiving this season? Check out these 12 fun DIY holiday card display ideas.

Make this darling pom pom garland to display your holiday cards

Design Improvised shares this bright and colorful DIY pom-pom garland on which you can clip your holiday cards.

Clip holiday cards to gorgeous greenery garland like Nine + Sixteen does.

Nine + Sixteen hangs fresh greenery garland in her kitchen doorway and clips holiday cards to it. Gorgeous and fragrant!

Clip holiday cards onto strings set against a decorative backdrop, like this one from the Lily Pad Cottage.

There are lots of ideas for hanging holiday cards from twine or string. I like this one from the Lily Pad Cottage where the display is against a decorative window backdrop.

Use washi tape to embellish holiday cards hung on the wall.

Haeley from Design Improvised basically comes up with a different darling way to display her holiday cards every year. I love this one from a few years ago where she stuck the cards on the wall, then embellished each one with cute washi tape. So easy and inexpensive!

Create a whimsical garland to hang your holiday cards from.

This whimsical DIY garland to hang holiday cards from is courtesy of — surpise — Walmart!

While this is technically an advent calendar, hanging holiday cards in this same manner would be so cute!

This is an advent calendar from Little Gold Nook, but you could easily hang holiday cards instead of advent packages and it would be darling. The colorful twine and whimsical bakers twine pattern make this tree-shaped display cuter than all the rest.

These colorful DIY clay card holders make a perfect holiday card display!

I love these colorful DIY clay card holders from Kathleen Ballos of Snowdrop & Co for Julep. The colors she uses are gorgeous, but you could easily use colors that match your holiday decor scheme.

Hang cards from a festive branch like this display from Marks & Spencer.

This idea from Marks & Spencer is so elegant. Suspend a branch, decorate it with greenery, and hang cards and ornaments from it. So lovely.

You can build this pretty DIY holiday card display from Lolly Jane!

I like the pretty boxwood wreath in the middle of this DIY holiday card display from Lolly Jane. It adds a nice pop of fresh color.

Love this minimalist holiday card display featuring fragrant eucalyptus!

If you go for the more minimalist, natural look with your holiday decor, this eucalyptus garland card display from Alice & Lois for Julep is just the thing!

Make this fun, tree-shaped cork board from A Bubbly Life to display your holiday cards.

You can make this easy DIY cork Christmas tree from A Bubbly Life to hang your cards on. And ornament push pins too!

Spell out a festive message on cork tiles, and use them to display your holiday cards!

Here’s another cute corkboard idea, this time from Melanie Blodgett for Julep. Spell out a festive message on cork tiles and use push-pins to hang your holiday cards.

How do you display your holiday cards? Do you take them down as soon as the season ends, or do you leave them up a little longer like we do?

via BHG Style Spotters