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Boho Kids Room : Ida bedroom update


We hadn’t done too much to Ida’s bedroom since we moved to our new home last year because we didn’t want to have her space be under construction, especially while other rooms is the house were. We didn’t paint, we haven’t ripped out the out the mousy brown carpet in here, and most of her furniture is stuff that we brought from our previous home. Last week though, we made some changes.

When we first moved in, Ida had been sleeping mostly on the top bunk and we didn’t want her sleeping right at the window. But for the last year or so she’s been sleeping on the bottom and so we finally moved the bed under the window which gave us so much more floor space. It made a huge, huge difference.


idas-room-blog-8  idas-room-blog-10

We still have plans for this room, we’re thinking paint, maybe wallpaper, the carpet has got to go and we’re still deciding what kind of flooring to put in here…but in the meantime, we’re enjoying the pattern play in here very much!

Here’s a little get-the-look. One of the biggest game changers was putting wallpaper on the little white strip of the Ikea bed. It made the whole thing look automatically way more customized and cute. Also, the purple curtain (which is just a tie-dyed drop cloth) is fun because it acts as both a curtain for the window and for the bottom bunk bed to keep the bright sun out in the morning–and it makes kind of a fort for her which she loves.


Unicorn Head
Nana Pink Wallpaper
Jungalicious Baby Blanket from Madly Wish
Vintage Pink Kantha quilt
Otomi Pillow
Floor mat
Bunk Bed
Orange graphic ottoman
Floral pillow
Aqua Heart Pillow
Pink hearts pillow
Cute little straw doll on the top bunk is from The Brass Crane 
Purple Tie-dye curtain (We dyed a drop cloth) Purchase curtain pictured in collage here.

via The Jungalow