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A Jewelry Designer’s Home Studio Makes Use of Each Bit of Space

A Jewelry Designer’s Home Studio Makes Use of Each Bit of Space

What started as a hobby over 10 years ago has turned into a full fledged business for new Oakland, CA resident (by way of Brooklyn, NY, where this home tour took place) and jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer of Orly Genger. Working from home gives her the ability to be a working mom to her young son, even when it’s not the easiest of tasks to juggle the two. “My child is now 20 months old, and it gets harder and harder to work at home as he’s getting to an age where he needs constant attention and supervision,” she admits. “When I was living in Brooklyn I took him with me everywhere. To all my factories and suppliers. They all loved him. I had to plan work that I did at home around his nap schedule. Otherwise we would be out running around the city.”

Jaclyn’s Brooklyn home, shared with her husband and son, mixed her love of vintage finds with handmade treasures from travels or made by friends while adding a layer of warmth to her home studio — and each piece has a story. “Most of the art is by people I know. It makes the pieces more special to me when I look at them.  Not only do I think about the picture, but I get to think about the friend who made it. The big drawing in our living room above the couch is by one of my closest friends, Orly Genger. She is also my jewelry partner. She gave it to us as a wedding present. So I get to think about three things when I look at it: The drawing, Orly, and our wedding! I love that,” Jaclyn recalls. 

Staying organized when you share your workspace with your family can be tricky. But Jaclyn found a way for the two to blend seamlessly. “By nature, I can be a bit of a hoarder. So I have to do major clean-outs periodically. Moving was probably the best thing for me as it forced me to go through my studio and get rid of things I’d been saving for 10 years. I have to keep everything in labeled bins. Otherwise I wouldn’t ever be able to find anything.”

If this is what Jaclyn and her husband could do with a tiny Brooklyn apartment, I can only imagine how their new home in Oakland is shaping up. —Erin Austen Abbott

Photography by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

via Design*Sponge