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A Home for Mom, Dad & Baby Dotted with Blues & Pinks

A Home for Mom, Dad & Baby Dotted with Blues & Pinks

Over the past 17 years, architect Gerry Smith and his wife Erin, a historic preservation consultant, have swapped the rooms in their home around more times than they can count. Bedrooms have become offices, offices have become living areas, and the kitchen… well, the kitchen is the one place that’s stayed in place. You can’t blame them there, though. That’d be a huge undertaking! The latest iteration of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn spot was brought on by the couple’s change in taste or a simple desire to mix things up. One baby girl caused this shakeup, and her name is Cecil. She was born a little over a year ago, and since her arrival she’s turned her parents’ home on its head.

Her nursery, for example, used to be the home’s office, but it was overhauled the second Gerry and Erin found out they were pregnant. As time went on, without any pushing on the couple’s part, the space organically took on a vintage feel. All manner of pink-and-coral decor seemed to gravitate to this room, and with the addition of a few essentials, the space came together. On most nights, Erin rocks Cecil to sleep in a mid-century Eames chair, Cecil’s IKEA crib a few steps away. It sits in front of a custom paint job (my favorite aspect of the home) depicting an abstract mountainous scene that matches the wainscoting in the couple’s bedroom.

This painted touch helps Gerry and Erin’s personal retreat flow right into the nursery, and with an IKEA dresser that matches Cecil’s, the two areas feel as one. It was important to establish this sense of fluidity and cohesion throughout the apartment as its rooms aren’t super private. If you stand in the kitchen, you can even look down the hall into the majority of the rooms at once – a great thing to have when there’s a little one running around. See every corner of this family’s stylish and baby-ready home after the jump. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Carolina Mariana

via Design*Sponge