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8 Sneakers That Feel as Good as They Look

8 Sneakers That Feel as Good as They Look

It’s definitely getting chillier with every passing day, which means we’re wearing bulkier and weather-proof footwear when required. But that doesn’t mean we’re sleeping on more comfortable kicks – our daily wear – like these 8 current favorites, each picked for their stylish profiles and comfortable fit.

1. adidas Futurecraft Biofabric
Adidas continues to push the bounds of innovation with their latest Futurecraft concept, this time using biopolymers mimicking the tensile strength and woven softness of silk to sheath the uppers of these lightweight sneakers. And lightweight they are – 15% lighter compared to other models made with conventional synthetic fibers. Adidas has also made these sneakers completely biodegradable, hopefully a feature we across their range of footwear in the near future.


2. Puma Blaze of Glory Sock
Designed as an homage to the cozy traditional cable knit sweaters of the Aran Islands, these sneakers look like the perfect autumn/winter sneakers for cold feet.


3. Concepts x New Balance MS066
A technological feat for the feet, this sleek silhouette comes by way of the New Balance’s Lifestyle Design Studio in Tokyo, forgoing laces for a form-fitting upper partnered with a 3D printed honeycomb midsole. NB only made 40 of these shoes, and they’re exclusively sold in New York City at the Concepts boutique, so chances are you’ll have to admire them as their namesake: a concept.


4. Brooks x Vault by Vans by Taka Hayashi
The Vault by Vans & Brooks partnership celebrates the brands’ respective 50th and 150th year anniversaries in tandem, materialized in a small collection leather embellished shoes, bicycle saddles, and bag. The hi-top Vans by Taka Hayashi especially give the iconic skater kicks silhouette a whole new attitude we love.


5. Greats Royale High
There’s absolutely nothing outwardly ostentatious or unnecessary about these hi-top sneaker designs, and that’s exactly why we like Greats’ classics that will pair well with jeans or joggers. Their timeless stature should dress upward or downward with ease, an ideal travel companion.


6. Allbirds Wool Runners
These simply executed sneakers come with a lot of “most comfortable” hype, so we decided to take the bait and try them on ourselves. Count us convinced. Jaime praised their immediate comfort, noting they felt like “stepping into a cozy sweater, but for your feet”, proving so comfortable she’s ordering a second pair in another color. And indeed the New Zealand superfine merino upper embraces the feet like the softest sock rather than a shoe, particularly agreeable for my no-socks lifestyle (size up if you wear thick socks).


7. NikeLab Internationalist Mid Royal
This longtime Nike head has admittedly become a little tired of all the reissues and recognizable silhouettes in slight variations and colorways. It’s refreshing to see NikeLab pull out this trio of colorways embellished with premium details like the leather ankle padding detailed with triangular perforations that keep things modern. The NikeLab Internationalist Mid Royal in Midnight Navy is especially a handsome pairing with the leather treatment.


8. House of Future x Tattoo Temple Black Lotus
House of Future’s catalog represents everything we’re into right now: clean lines representing a modernist sensibility partnered with excellent sourced materials. That said, their limited run collaboration with the Hong Kong based Tattoo Temple is successfully more about attitude than restraint, proving their canvas works in both minimalist or maximalist fashion.

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