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2016 Year in Review: Where I Work

We’re fascinated seeing how and where designers work as that’s the birthplace of all of their ideas. Not only does our Where I Work column feature their workspace, it shares a glimpse into the designer’s mind and how they work. It’s the end of 2016 so we’re going back through our archives to see everyone we featured this year.

2016 Year in Review: Where I Work

Where I Work: Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN Architects
Kim Herforth Nielsen, of 3XN Architects, shared a look at the firm’s new offices to get an idea of how he and his team work.


Where I Work: VOLK Furniture
We’ve crushed on the work of the Brooklyn-based VOLK Furniture for several years and were then able to explore the workspace where the furniture is designed and made.


Where I Work: Noa Santos & Will Nathan of Homepolish
We spoke with Homepolish co-founders, Noa Santos and Will Nathan, about their workspace, work styles, and how they get it all done.


Where I Work: Madeline Weinrib
For this Where I Work, textile and rug designer Madeline Weinrib gave us an inside look into her New York City workspace and her own work habits.


Where I Work: Jamie Bush
Los Angeles-based designer Jamie Bush gave us insight into the workspace where all the design happens.


Where I Work: Frida Escobedo
Mexico City-based architect Frida Escobedo makes an impact well beyond her own country. We checked out her home base.


Where I Work: BOWER
New York-based BOWER, founded in 2013 by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi, shared with us their Brooklyn studio where they get it all done.


Where I Work: Chad Phillips of KWAMBIO
KWAMBIO’s Creative Director Chad Phillips gave us a look at how his startup operates and for a peek inside their Brooklyn studio.


Where I Work: Samuel Wilkinson
Over the years, we’ve highlighted the work of Samuel Wilkinson, a London-based industrial designer, and here he shared his office space and design process.


Where I Work: Nana Spears of Fort Makers
For this Where I Work, Nana Spears, co-founder of Fort Makers, gave us a look inside their Brooklyn studio where they make it all happen.


Where I Work: Chen Chen & Kai Williams
New York-based Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio in Brooklyn and they gave us a peek at the studio where they design their furniture and objects.


Where I Work: Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel
In this Where I Work, Shanan Campanaro gives us a look at the brand-new Eskayel NY headquarters and insight into how she does it all.

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