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2016 Gift Guide: For the Person Who Has Everything

2016 Gift Guide: For the Person Who Has Everything

Some people can pose a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to finding a gift to match their lifestyle and taste. We’ve collected an unusual mixture of gift ideas below that we believe will surprise just about anyone, whether they’re most pleased by everyday function, occasional fun, or downright luxurious comforts.


Snap Inc. Spectacles \\\ $129
The hottest and most difficult tech gift to find this holiday season are these sunglasses designed to capture video from the perspective of their wearer and to upload to Snapchat. That’s not even the craziest part of the Spectacles experience: hopeful customers need to hunt down one of the bright yellow vending machines — Snapbots – to even hope for an opportunity to purchase a pair. Gifting someone Spectacles makes it clear you went the extra mile for their gift.


Yumaki Custom Toothbrushes Annual Subscription \\\ $40+
An annual toothbrush subscription sounds remarkably boring. Then you look at Yumaki’s catalog of unusual and unique colors and finishes, and you realize this is the perfect gift for the design lover you most want to surprise.


Real Marble Kettlebell \\\ $654
For your most athletic and aesthetic person in your life, give them a beautiful piece of gym equipment that functions as a decor piece too (just in case you’re wondering, it weighs approximately 29lbs).


Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless On-Ear Headphones \\\ $449
These headphones are an ideal gift for someone with the newest iPhone 7 – the one without the headphone port – a wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphones rated for 16-hour rechargeable battery use, fold flat design, and a handsome leather and lambskin surface finish.


Zenhaven Mattress \\\ $1299+
Nobody ever thinks of giving someone a mattress as a gift, but what’s more thoughtful than helping someone sleep well for the next couple of decades? Zenhaven mattresses are made of 100% natural latex topped with 100% organic wool, they remarkably cool in summer and warm in colder months, and they’re also flippable, offering two levels of firmness. A 75-day trial period will allow anyone to determine whether you agree with our assessment that this is one of the most comfortable (and non-odiferous) mattresses available today.


Designed by Apple in California \\\ $199-299
20 years of Apple design captured in 300 pages through 450 photographs. Give this tome to your most passionate Apple and/or industrial design lover…it’s sure to become a collector’s item.


Halo Sport \\\ $699
A gift idea for your dedicated Crossfit buddy who loves technology: headphones designed to stimulate athletic performance through neuropriming technology. Those soft nubs deliver tiny electrical pulses that stimulate the brain’s motor cortex during repetitive physical training (it sort of feels like the pins and needles sensation of a dead hand), turning movement and exertion into improved ingrained muscle memory.


Movado Edge Special Edition \\\ $895
Yves Béhar’s finessed fingerprints are all over this quartz movement timepiece, a modern day reinterpretation of American designer Nathan George Horwitt’s famous Movado Museum Dial watch. These newest finishes are particularly captivating, each housing a concave blue or black lava-textured dial complemented with a raised polished tonal dot (also available in women’s size). Every time they look at the time they’ll remember your fine eye for design.


Fellow Stagg Pour-Over System and Atlas Coffee Club Subscription \\\ $119 + $14
Your most passionate coffee lover will be grinning in anticipation of their next cup when they discover this gift pairing. From the same company producing our favorite pour-over kettle, the vacuum insulated dripper and double wall borosilicate glass give the Stagg system a modernist-chemist vibe, but more importantly coax out the more subtle flavors of lighter roasts. Partnered with a monthly delivery of 1-3 bags of coffee sourced from around the world – delivered in beautiful packaging – you’ll have fair reason to invite yourself over for a cup on the regular.


The Citizenry Aldama Chair \\\ $825
Handwoven in Mexico and available with both a black or copper base, the recipient of this lounge chair will know you got them something special when they notice the numbered tag denoting its limited availability, but will especially appreciate it after they sink into the supportive strap leather seat. If they can’t get away for a south of the border resort vacation, this is the next best thing.


James Loudspeaker Custom Sound Bar \\\ $2500+
I had the pleasure of hanging out one weekend with the gentleman of James Loudspeaker at their Napa California showroom, factory and laboratory, experiencing just about every sort of bespoke audio solution one could imagine for the homes of the most discriminating audiophiles. But the most widely applicable gift option from their catalog I experienced were their premium soundbars, each designed to complement both curved or conventional televisions. The very slim housing contains the company’s proprietary technology delivering high efficiency, low distortion, and crisp clear audiophile sound characteristic of this luxury specialist. Just tell them which television model and the company will match finish and dimensions accordingly.


Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves \\\ $93
These special leather gloves designed by Remy Nagelmaeker are embedded with nanoparticles and sport a cool curving magnetic fold-over closure, giving them a sleek super villain vibe, and most importantly work with almost any modern touchscreen device in cold weather.

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