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Studio Tour: Estelle Briedis

Studio Tour: Estelle Briedis

At only 22 years of age, surface designer and screen printer Estelle Briedis is slowly proving to her fellow Australians, and the world, that she has a serious knack for creating gorgeous and mesmerizing patterns. The detail, colors and their handmade nature makes each one appear so polished, you’d hardly believe they all start with simple ink drawings of architectural elements.

As she begins a new creation, Estelle will wander through New South Wales’ museums and galleries, getting inspiration from structural details such as archways and other flourishes. She looks up, down and all around, her eyes squinting through the peephole of her favorite tool: a teleidoscope. As she moves around each space, the device creates reflective patterns out of what she sees through a small hole. (The process is similar to how a kaleidoscope creates imagery out of the beads inside it.) It sounds simple, but it’s vital to every one of her creations.

Once she finds a tessellation she loves and the ink drawing of it is set, the final design is repeated through a screen-printing process before it’s given touches of watercolor to truly make it stand out. And stand out they do. From housewares and fashion accessories in pink and fucsia to curtains in salmon, her hard work sure does yield great results. Click through to take a closer look at her process and the space where she brings it all together. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Estelle Briedis

via Design*Sponge