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My favorite Christmas spot in the kitchen!

Hey all! I hope you all enjoyed our favorite things round up last week! I found so many new cute items for my Christmas list! 

How was your Thanksgiving week? We spent most of it in Disney World and had a blast! Disney has such a special place in our hearts -- we really disconnect and just focus on having fun as a family. It makes me so sad to leave, but then I'm always happy to get home too! 😊

Between running through Disney nonstop, flights, and now trying to get all of our Christmas decor up in just a few days, I'm exhausted and sick. EVERY year I say I'm going to start decorating earlier and every year...I don't. I don't know when I'll finally do it -- I'm already swearing it will be next year, ha!! The first room I finished this time was our kitchen, and this spot was a little self serving because I needed the hot liquid to sooth my throat. ;) 

I think this is one of the cutest Christmas vignettes in our house so I thought I would show you how easy it was to put together -- because everyone needs a hot chocolate station this time of year! 

I added a bigger tray to the island this year so it holds everything perfectly. I always add a couple festive mugs and then put the packets of hot chocoloate out in a bowl for easy access: 
hot cocoa station

I'm not a big peppermint fan, unless it's during the holidays. I absolutely LOVE it in hot chocolate!

Usually I keep the peppermint Hershey kisses handy and drop one in, but then I found these peppermint sticks at HomeGoods instead:
hot chocolate station ideas

How cute are those? Perfect! Of course you need the tiny marshmallows! And I know, I know. Nobody drinks hot chocolate with a straw, but they are cute, right? We do use them for margaritas and there are a few of those made this time of year as well. 😉

I found this hot cocoa sign at Hobby Lobby and it looks pretty darn cute in the kitchen as well: 
hot cocoa sign

It took me less than ten minutes to pull it all together! It's my favorite spot in the kitchen this time of year! I go through my stash and find Christmas jars and containers for everything, so it doesn't cost me much. 

By the way...the hot chocolate station is such a fun and easy gift too. You can see how I pulled that together last year here

Because we really do drink a lot of it right now, this tray is as functional as it is cute! That's my favorite part: 
hot chocolate station in tray

I'm really trying to simplify my decor this year. A friend and I were laughing last night at how we say that EVERY year but this time I mean it! I love how the hot cocoa station feels so festive but doesn't take a lot of time or effort:
Hot cocoa area in kitchen

It's also nice that this doesn't need to take up much space in your kitchen! It would be a cute addition in a butler's pantry or on a buffet too! Have you added one of these to your home? 

Now...any tips for getting rid of a cold FAST? I'm heading out of town again in a few days and flying with a cold is pure torture. I'll take any tips you can offer! 

via Thrifty Decor Chick