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Jungalow Holiday Makeover

This post was created in partnership with Joss & Main


Photo by Nicole Gerulat

Last year at this time we were kinda mid-swing with our renovations. We didn’t yet have a proper dining room and we weren’t quite ready to entertain in our new Jungalow, but things have changed. I’m finally ready to invite folks over and have some serious holiday fun and yumminess.


Our dining room is now maybe my favorite room in the house and I’m ready to do it up this year. We had 23 people over for Thanksgiving!! And we have plans for lots of family and friends rolling through around Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years this year. I’m excited. I got a chance to work with Joss & Main to decorate the Jungalow for the holidays, and, well, things got very colorful, patternful and oh so jungalicious.


Photo by Nicole Gerulat


Photo by Nicole Gerulat


My vibe with the holidays is always festive, but not too on-the-nose anything. I love to incorporate lights, stars, angels, and a ton of vibrant color. I feel like those symbols feel festive across most faiths and traditions. I used a vintage suzani as a tablecloth and then layered on fun patternful plates, copper flatware and a ton of glassware — more than three glasses per person — because I think all the sparkle really makes the table look fancy and fun.


And to make all that glassware *really* sparkle, we added string lights down the center of the table too. It lights up all the glass and makes the whole table twinkle.


I’m really digging on these little straw ornaments (kinda like these) as well. I used the little angles as a little charm on each plate. Sweetness.


Photo by Nicole Gerulat



Photo by Nicole Gerulat

We decorated are Euphorbia Ammak with ornaments too (the big cactus-looking plant that lives in our living room). The straw stars contrast beautifully with the shiny gold polyhedron bobbles. Some ornaments were also added to our vertical cubby garden!


A bar cart for the holidays seems especially fun. I’m ready for egg-nog and mulled wine! To get the bar cart holiday-ready we added a lot of gold. I think that’s the key to holiday decorating. Gold, gold gold.


Photo by Nicole Gerulat

…and copper ;)

lr-ungalow-joss-7       lr-ungalow-joss-14


Find more shots from our holiday makeover and everything that we used to decorate over here at our Joss & Main curated event and enjoy using copious amounts of color and pattern to decorate for the holidays!

This post was created in partnership with Joss&Main. All opinions are my own.
Photos by Nicole Gerulat marked as such. All other photos by Justina Blakeney.


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