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Give & Take: Vicki’s Non-Entryway

Give & Take: Vicki’s non-Entryway

Vicki’s living room is already pretty as is, but her entry (or lack thereof) had her stumped. I wouldn’t take a single thing away from this room, but there are a few things I would add. . .

Putting any kind of piece of furniture there would probably feel a little crowded, so I’d hang a few pieces of art to fill the wall visually. I really like how the black coffee table adds some weight to this all-neutral room and would use more touches of black in the frames. A small gold bracket shelf could be added to the arrangement to function as a place to set keys, a small bowl, etc., if Vicki needs this spot to actually function as an entry.

 art 1  //  art 2  //  art 3  //  bracket shelf

Here’s another shot of the room showing her pretty (red!) door open. The bracket shelf would clear the door just right.

Vicki also asked me if I had any other suggestions for the room, so I found a few accessories that would help add some warmth and depth to the space.

lamp  //  black pillow  //  lumbar pillow  //  synthetic hide rug  //  orchid

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